Disco is a genre of music that developed from funk, soul and progressive rock. The psychedelic-soul-pop music  was most popular in the 1970’s, and has emerged on occasion since. Disco shined in the 70’s as a countermeasure to the rock dominated culture during the period. The dance music has yet to come to a complete halt with this highly disco influenced song Forever by Snakehips. The fun is in full effect with this song, bringing those same unique, warm and feel-good disco vibes back to the dancefloor; instead of the typical electronic builds and drops of recent years.

The track has such a silky smooth sound paired with some nice short vocals which just makes me move want to move. Ayabambi is the dancing duo featured in the music video. Choreographer Aya Sato and Bambi are known for their unique style and dance, which stands out as the centerpieces in the video.

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