Take a listen to Jon Bellion’s new song entitled ‘All Time Low.’ No news if these recent releases are apart of a larger project. Regardless, I highly appreciate Jon’s consistency with producing music and the releases of said music.

Fans of Jon Bellion will be excited to learn that he has announced a new 2015 headlining tour and that he has released a new song entitled Woodstock (Psychedelic Fiction.) The Definition Tour named after his 2014 project, will start in Milwaukee on May 26th and will finish in Detroit towards the beginning of July.

All Time Low features a newer sound Jon Bellion has been making lately, as well as additional vocals from friend and fellow musician Travis Mendes.



Photo by: Dexter Findley

Photo by: Dexter Findley



Tickets for The Definition Tour: www.thedefinitiontour.com/

Additional vocals by Travis Mendes (www.twitter/travsbtp)

Twitter: twitter.com/jonbellion
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jonbellion

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