San Felasco Hammock Preserve is a state park located in Gainesville, Fl. It features approximately 7,000 acres of deep hardwood forest, with small tracts of sandhill and pines. The park features three trails: a one-mile loop that begins at the parking lot, two longer trails, a 4.8 mile trail with blue markers and a 5.7 mile trail with yellow markers. The two longer trails begin across the road of the parking lot.

The one mile nature trail loop has a landscape with hills, sinkholes and little stream. On the much larger north side (longer trails across the parking lot) there is a similar landscape that gives way to groves of pines in several places.

The park is known as a birding trail as well as a nature trail. It is common to run across birds of different specie, including warblers or woodpeckers.

Like other rural and nature locations I have mentioned in previous posts, San Felasco features similar filming opportunities. The park has open to narrow trails that allows for any sort of niche film.

Niche as in a character traveling, running from danger, or even simply enjoying the weather or a hobby. The trail can also serve as a place to shoot some good b-roll of birds and other common wildlife.

I spoke with Houston Wells, UF lecturer in video story telling, who has filmed in Alachua county for many years.

“There are a lot of different looks you can get from Alachua county,” Wells said. “A lot of natural places near neighborhoods only a few minutes walk from multi-story buildings.”

San Felasco Hammock is a place in Gainesville that fits one of those different looks.

The park is open daily 8:00 a.m. to sunset. Admission fee $4.00 per vehicle at the pay station. This park is located in Gainesville rather than a town such as White Springs that I have mentioned in a previous post. This location may be easier to access for some.

From US-441 go west on NW 53rd Avenue (CR-232) for 7.6 miles and you will reach the park. A map can be found here.

“It’s a risk unless you go scout it,” Wells said.

As Wells said, go out a scout your location in mind. Have fun shooting!