A young teen finds refuge with a group of accepting peers that help him through a family crisis. The teen was a social outcast until other outcasts and troublemakers invited him to hangout with them after school. Bad habits and peer pressure lead to drug usage, underage drinking and vandalism.

Often films focus on adolescence and the process of growing up. Hobbies, habits and social interactions become a focus for a story. This can often be an easy option to go to when creating a student film.

We all have gone through some sort of hardship during our adolescence. Creating a film about this is often a way to reflect on our personal experiences as well as those we know other dealt with.

The Possum Creek Skatepark is a park in Gainesville, Fl that allows for those interested in skateboarding and similar action sports to partake in the activity in a safe and legal environment. The park is open from dawn until dusk and has simple rules to follow, which are posted on a welcome board at the entrance, or found online.

Skateboarders have a stereotype and stigma that comes with the sport. People often associate hooliganism and rough characteristics to skateboarders.

The Possum Creek Skatepark is a great location for a filmmaker to highlight a particular cliche such as dealing with a hardship the wrong way during adolescence. It is easy to get some actors to play the bad guys as a troubled teen uses them as a way of dealing with his or her emotional problems.

The skatepark has a lot to offer for setting up and shooting scenes. There are benches and covered areas in the park that offer optimal shooting locations for dialogue. The rest of the park has skating features such as places to grind, jump and perform tricks.

These features allow for skilled skateboarders to perform actions that really highlight the character of the troublemakers in this stereotypical scenario we have going on.

Besides a script involving troublemakers as the cause for dealing with hardships, there also can be a positive message to promote with a location like this. The filmmaker can use the skatepark as a place for teens to meet and get their stress out, get exercise and support one another.

Locations can serve as a place for multiple scenarios. A good place can allow for a multitude of stories to be written. What locations have to offer comes down to the creativity and direction of the filmmaker.

The Possum Creek Skatepark can serve as a good location to film a few different films around the skateboarding culture, adolescence or whatever else the filmmaker wants to create.

A good thing to remember is the differences between shooting in a public places as compared to a private business.

“In my time working on the film industry shooting in local business is the most challenging,” said Aaron Abell, 21, UF telecommunications student, who has worked in the industry professionally for 5 years, including Paramount Pictures. “Most of the time they don’t want to shut down their businesses … You have to get what you need that day in order to meet a certain deadline.”

For starters, feel blessed if a public location works for your film. If you plan on shooting in a business or storefront, get permission from the business and ask when is the best time to shoot to not bother them during their busy hours.

As always, remember to scout the location before filming to get an idea of how you can use the location in the best way for your project. Now go out and get filming!