by my side
presence is gone; lost forever.
i am alone by this flowing river.
the bench which was once full is now half empty.
my glass is half full but not positively.
i should make my fingers stop trembling.
whittling away my hope from a branch as i prepare my deathbed on a stake.
i imagine the pain and the paint come closer to the ground
my sanity is a time bomb set when you left my arms.
i am a photograph set still in time.
i’m so sick of telling myself that this is is the end.
burning the edges of this Polaroid moving in my head.
i miss your endearing eyes glancing constant support.
i’m sorry i used you up and wore you down.
occasionally we all need a break so we can see.
i hope you turn around and glance at the shutter sound.
when you say hello i’ll say goodbye.