Keep my head up. Keep my mind strong.

I was lost, for quite some time now. I need comfort in my soul.

I was a puppy lost on the road. One side to the next I didn’t know where I belong. My body and my mind are separated working in two different modes.

It’s sad really, I’m yelling at myself in the mirror. Why can’t I think, why can’t my thoughts get any clearer.

My body belongs to another soul. My mind is all mine, why won’t my commands connect with spine.

I paid the toll, I have the right to passage. Yet, every damn obstacle is stopping me in my path. I am the messenger, but I can’t deliver under such bodily wrath.

Drunken genius? I come up with ideas that others could only fathom. Ingenious raptors chasing my thoughts. I outwit myself to death before their tantrum.

Flesh ripped apart, eye dangling. My soul seeps into the air, overlooking the predators mangling.

Free? Perhaps. Maybe.

Time will tell if am truly an escapee.