Looking out past the flooded streets I see this woman dressed in all black.

Walking alongside me on opposing sidewalk without an umbrella. Normally someone of her nature doesn’t go without such a fitting accessory. She’s different, subdued by the glimmer of shop lights in the puddles that layer the sidewalk. She glances over at all of the people walking without emotion by me. I see a spark of happiness and then a smile. What did I do to provoke such a treat? She is spectacular! Her beauty awakens me as I pose a question; what makes her so different? I am wearing black too but her joy surpasses mine. She is spinning in the rain as if she is being cleansed. Her smile is unlike any other; natural like a child. I’ve been walking alongside her now for two blocks and nothing observed about her has diminished. Her breath taking smile and expressions are still giving me hope. Maybe I should toss my umbrella to the side and see what this is all about. I hand my umbrella to a couple in need of one more and get renewed by the waters of the sky. This actually feels nice; the rain pelting my coat. I take a look at her and my eyes meet hers halfway. To my surprise she had seen my honorable act and enjoyed it.

I must meet this mysterious woman.

Coming up on the next crosswalk I turn to face her and stop. Is she waiting for me or is this simply a coincidence? It’s now time for me to walk across the piano keys; making melodies as my boots hit puddle after puddle. I nervously approach and her perfect imperfections reveal themselves to me. Her running mascara makes me giggle; she chuckles. She asks me if I’d like to get a cup of tea at her favorite coffee shop around the corner. I agree of course and follow alongside. I have a question you see.. she stops me. “Wait until we are sipping our warm tea,” she tells me. I enter the shop with her to see friendly faces and very aesthetic features. How have I not known about this place; I think to myself. The brick walls were worn with small cracks and holes. Vintage signs and tapestries hung from the rafters. A sign near the Barista exclaims Good Talks. Better Hours. Looks as if I may be here for a while; I’m glad. I kindly ask my mysterious girl what she would like and she suggested to try a Pu-erh or a nice white tea. After paying I see that she has found an enticing place for us to reside for the early night. So I must say, I am dying to know your name. A cute expression was made and she replied, “Ella.” That’s a pretty name, fitting for such a beautiful person. I don’t know. I just got a feeling about you. “So do I” says Ella, “I want to get to know you better.” Has anyone ever mentioned how easy you are to talk with? I mean, I’m kind of a lost soul and I’m no good at talking. But you..you make everything seem so easy. As if you are an angel or someone very special to the world. I noticed you walking down the sidewalk in the pouring rain and you were enjoying every second of it. You made today very special to me, you make this world a beautiful place.

“You don’t know how insignificant you are until you are alone.” says Ella, “There’s no rainbow without the rain.”

So why exactly do you enjoy the rain so much? It is odd in this world of insecurity for someone to be so free and in rhythm with themselves; or Mother Nature for that matter. “I find refuge in nature.” says Ella, “I feel like I’ve lived before, I cary on déjà vu throughout my days. I find most decisions to be simple and not thought provoking for thought isn’t needed. People hide from the rain as if it smears their lives. Rain is a cleansing from Mother Nature. Life takes a new breath and flowers blossom. Details get washed away and are ready for a new brush to make it’s mark. We can either let the rain cleanse us or we can cover up when we have had enough. Determine what you need to be reborn and soak it in. Keep your good thoughts and inspiration and wash the rest away. Let it rain; feel the drops of life.” Wow…that was real; Beautiful. Sometimes I wish I were the rain so I could touch people, feel their feelings and maybe, just maybe connect with their hearts. “I want to show you something.” says Ella, “A very special place I hold dear to my heart.” I follow her down a hallway and to a set of cantilever stairs. Step by step, the modern architecture inside this old building grows on me more. Where am I being brought? What makes this place so special? Ella reaches the top of the staircase and opens a door revealing a flat. “This is my place, my home from home.” says Ella, “My studio, wellness center, dojo, whatever I need this flat to be.” I take a step in and notice the small creek from the original wood flooring. Same exposed brick walls and wooden rafters but with a more bohemian and modern flair. So you live above that marvelous gem that is a coffee shop? “Well..that’s my coffee shop you see.” Ella happily replies. “I was lost for a few years and environments such as a coffee shop was healing. So I decided to open up my own and emerge myself with its healing properties. Triumph of the will, the ability to do what you like and like what you do. I found that.” Ella walks and gently slides her graceful fingers over some vinyl records. “You?” says Ella. I just want to be the film equivalent of Anthony Bourdain. The maestro of a film orchestra with the ability to let every artist play their part perfectly for an overall masterpiece. I want to share stories with people that haven’t been told. I want to express emotions, feelings, perspectives to those that haven’t been fortunate enough to suffer. I want to be able to share films that have a dramatic effect on peoples lives. I’ve been in some dark places, I’ve suffered myself. I want to create stories that show perspectives from different mental illnesses, upbringings, social classes. “I applaud you for that.” says Ella, “What’s your best advice for finding people like this?”

 Watch out for friendly faces. 

“My favorite part of this place is right up here,” says Ella, “The rooftop.” She brings me to another set of stairs and grabs my hand leading me up. She opens the door and I see the cityscape in the near distance. This is quite magnificent. I can’t believe you can see the city like this each night. The lights, sounds and people must be so riveting! Ella lays down blankets for us to stare at the stars. “These surrounding mountains are like muscles to me. When I see them I feel like I’m being held by my father’s arms; pressed against his muscles.” says Ella. That was beautiful, you are so poetic. I love people like you; I love dreamers. People who set out to follow their dreams knowing that they will fail, time and time again. Keep pushing on through the struggles and the obstacles in their path and find a way to reach their dreams. Most take the easy route you know.. most fall short and fail to retry. Most stop dreaming and get caught up in the spider web that is life. I hope people continue to follow their dreams. We are all human. Don’t wait until you are old and gray to ask yourself when did I stop dreaming? I just recently began dreaming again and this only helps me dream even more. “I don’t just want to run a coffee shop; I want to be an actress.” says Ella, “I want to express myself, my feelings, my emotions. I want to create feelings that affect people’s outlook on  life when they watch a film.” Seems like you and I were mean’t to be. The Storymaker and the Storyteller; how fitting. Ella smiles and looks up at the moon. “I was just so angry and sad.” says Ella, “I love the moon for it’s constance. Modern Infidelity is such a cruel act. This threshold of pain. We know more about the surface of the moon than the abysmal plane.” Sometimes I feel like worry is my only friend. I need a woman to save me.

Sometimes you must crown the king to become king once again.” says Ella. Checkmate.

I always question whether does art imitate life or does life imitate art? “I like to think Life imitates Art.” says Ella, “The painter has always been the one with the first stroke; the first intention of life and purpose.” I’m such an eager soul. Eager to know what my future beholds. Someone told me there’s a girl out there, with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair. I think that somebody is you. “You have to spread your love like laughter.” says Ella, “With the world and the people you care about.” That’s yay or nay my darling. “I care about you.” Says Ella, “I’ve always cared about someone like you; finally my dream is becoming a reality.” Ella rolls over towards me. “There is no threshold for happiness when I’m with you” says Ella. It feels less like I am getting to know you and more as if I’m remembering who you are.

Ella my love, Thank you for helping me embrace the rain. She smiles and whispers a glimmer of hope.