This is my first post for my new friend Justin, a creative individual I was blessed to meet over the social networks. An individual that saw a spark in me I didn’t see myself. As tradition, what’s the point of creating and expressing without first introducing who I am first and putting whoever reads my work without putting those into my perspective about who I am what got me here.

  My name is Matthew, I am one of the newer authors for briar patch. I am currently located in Orlando Florida, born across the whole world in a small city in the Philippines called Valenzuela.
2014 is my year of biggest growth and trials and man I’ve come a long way to get where I am today, from the people I’ve met along the way, to the people I still surround myself in today; each person I’ve come across has been nothing but blessings .

  There comes a time in a man’s life when trial comes and helps him realize the true strength of his soul. losing things one used to seem so important just gives one the chance to sit back and look at what is in front of him.

  My choice of medium is photography but I was pushed into the direction of trying new things thanks to Justin, writing is so beneficial to ones soul search, let me tell you.

  In 2014, I lost my best friend Christian Medina in a tragic motorcycle accident, lost what I once thought, at the time, the love of my life, and also lost one of my closest friends to the prison system. I also have made mistakes that will forever follow me my whole life that labels me as a lesser individual because of a mistake.

  This year, rather than choosing the wrong things to deal with my problems I was blessed by the universe in words I cannot put together in this life time or the next, the individuals I have been influenced by this past year has helped me grow into the creative that I am and also the person I aspire to be.

  I bought my first camera this year, and all I received was praise from my colleagues and random individuals from social networks. Creating is a very important healing tool in helping one reach his or her full potential.
in my point of view, there are deeper concepts behind capturing a photograph of a friend, a scenery or even just a simple bright sign that you come across walking around downtown. When a person clicks the shutter, and that shutter closes that moment in time is forever captured. Behind every picture is a soul that captured a series of lights that the mind interprets in ways that will never be able to mirror. Each picture gives you an inner glimpse into how and what that person behind the camera chooses to project into his or her own universe.

  My search towards reaching my true spirituality tends to push me into digging deeper in terms of trying to understand simple expressions. We tend to forget how the simplest things could mean the most. In the gist of it, this post is my thoughts captured into words that I once didn’t know since English is my second language, and the fact that people across the world can read my expressions and get into my perspective is truly mind-blowing. But that’s getting too deep lmao

  To another year of expression, and growth. Thank you Justin for letting me in on this journey. May we create for years and years to come. May our expressions ring for eons and eons to come. Namaste