Soft giggling was heard as the couple tip toed into the frigid waters.

Their friends were already drenched to the nude.

Bathing like otters the friends watched the couple gather their goosebumps.

Not sure whether to hold onto each other or themselves; they sank in.

Emerging from the depths the couple locked eyes in gaze.

They clung onto each other pressing breast to breast in a hardened state.

“I was nervous,” he said. “Now I’m not,” she finished.

Swirling into a whirlpool the two sirens devoured each other; learning how savage their true intentions could be.

Their bodies were only pawns in this game of love.

Their minds were king and queen trying to mutually whisper checkmate.

Soft giggling was heard again; this time from the bank.

The couple turned to see their clothes being taken from them.

They looked upon each other once more; “tonight is a good night,” he said.