Blue buttons on lock, intertwined in the thread of the black pea coat I rock.

I just felt like retaking a photo of my past.

The Room looked busy tonight; I’m glad.

I walk in to see Marilyn on the left and Audrey on the right; Damn I have stylish friends in my life.

I sit at the bar and order my usual; a dry martini, chased with whiskey on the rocks.

I ponder about how  lovely tonight is becoming.

Don’t get me wrong, the world is beautiful but the people are sick.

I’m going to get away someday; I promise.

Rolling. Swirling. Dancing. Clothed comfort hides our bodies as we relinquish our adrenaline hounds.

All of these dogs walking around the tap trying to make something of one another.

A gentleman is simply a patient wolf you see…

I don’t come here for what most provide, I am here for relief.

Relief from myself and this cruel world.

Roles change like a season, bringing new life into the old without a reason.

Ah.. what do we have here?

I have never seen such an endearing lady in my life.

The best feeling in the world is when you can’t get someone special out of your head.

Their eyes, smiles, laugh and little antics; but yet, the worst is only having them in your head.

For now that is…

I wonder if her mind is deliciously improper; her body an aphrodisiac.

If I confront her, will she grasp me without remorse or turn away?

Only one way to find out.

I walk over to introduce myself.

Oh, I see.

She knows who I am.

I hope this image she has is not tarnished.

It seems that Nat King Cole has won her over with a Smile.

Looks as if we share sentiment.

Smile through your fear and sorrow; my dear.

The beauty of thy naked body is felt only by the dressed; and we are the best dressed here.

She smiled; ah what a sight.

Maybe I have a future with her tonight.

I may be a wolf but I’m no cheat.

I just want to see the beauty she has to offer vocally; can she sing?

Melodic strings and pouncing feet, feed the drums inside this cavernous retreat.

We have escaped from the tap room it seems.

Into the ballroom to dance with me.

Unforgettable is next in the lineup.

“And forevermore, thats how you’ll stay.

That’s why, darling, it’s incredible.

That someone so unforgettable.

Thinks that I am

Unforgettable, too.”

I stride, she strides; together once more.

Our eyes glance nearer as her bosom eagerly presses against mine.

The weight of our bodies fell out of our hands as we became one.

Her finger tips lightly dug into my back as I carefully placed my hands against the curve of hers.

We clung onto each other longer than was formally appropriate.

We longed for more, but the situation didn’t call for it.

I long for the day that our eyes lock and we can share our true intentions.

“Til’ Next Time my dear, ” she whispered.