forever Sunshine.

the sun beams down on me.
the rays hit me in their entirety.

im alone being consumed by the heat
normal for me to be in this hot seat.

even if i don’t miss her.
i will be always be a fisher.

seeking out the one to love
instead im being deprived of.

today i lost my shit in the valley.
lost; the finale.

today the salt and sun ran down my face.
i have no more emotions to replace.

after a year of hiding my feelings.
i just see myself in the mirror bleeding.

i really miss my old friends but i don’t want to see them.
they didn’t notice me as a transparent gem.

i almost made it a year of choking down my fears.
extinguished thoughts for im done living for my peers.

everybody’s got to love sometime.
caught in the deadly sunshine.

change of heart and look around you.
im being highlighted for you.

forever sunshine.