The Coffee Shop Conundrum


beans pour out the bag as the steam erupts from the press. the shop is busy today; good riddance.

since the adopted beginning this shop has brought people from different directions and ways of life together under one roof.

considering how traditions change over the years I’m surprised that the bricks still support this idea.

i see smiles. its a miracle

the suns out. its a miracle

i am alive. its a miracle

too think this is legal is a miracle.

drugged minds around the world unite to share their ideas and offer support amongst each other.

its pleasant how such a place an offer such a visceral experience.

who are you to tell me that this place cant exist.

who are you to tell me that I’m not bright enough to gather.

who are you to tell me that i cant buy.

i can buy and i can consume.

as i type.. —

— i gulp down this bitter black despair that is coffee.