*Halloween Thriller Themed*

If I were gone for a long long time, would you miss me or erase me from your mind? This question I had pondered for quite a long time. The day had come where I unfortunately must surround myself again with such individuals that leave a poor, bitter taste in my mouth. These people I used to trust, respect and love but due to the lack thereof I was torn apart. To have been born a thousand years later would have suited me just fine. Now all their trials come concealed in the story of millions. Their love for me is now floating amongst the leaves as a myth. This is the endless night. This is the story of how I was reborn.


I’m just a poor boy wanting to connect. I look in the mirror asking why don’t I have any respect. The day has only just begun yet all the leaves have already fallen. The colors of fall have run away, leaving only shades of gray. I wanted to build a monument here. With my face leaving the city and my arms outward to protect it. I want to protect what has made me who I am. Not the people, but the land. As people drive on these thousand mile highways, I walk along the ridge. I stare out past the hazy hills and blue mountains; looking for forgiveness. At least a bittersweet end.


The sound of drums is heard in the distance from a neighboring town. The hearts of many beating, curating art only worthwhile to few. Go home and tell your family don’t weep for me. Leave everything you have for me by the starter and burn it. The day has come where I must abandon all I have left. Go home. Go home and don’t weep for me. Only sharp instruments lay for me. To fight the cause that hides in the shadows.


The jackals; the most noble liars on Earth.

The cheats.

The breakers of trust.

The disrespectful.


I will be known by all. The one of pride and aim. The one loved by most. I am the reckoning. The one that’s been and always will. Though, no one has ever told you. I was born alone. No one would have missed me until I leave. To the mountains and to the seas. I come for the reckoning. To all my followers, light the lamps at three. For I will light up this world. I will spread like a wild brush fire. Consuming the Jackals. Leaving nothing but burnt bark and fresh growth. I leave diamond skin for those that I pray for. They will be protected during this holy event. For I am taking matters into my own hands. Betrayed by God; exiled by Nature’s beast. I am no hero; nor villain.


I am change.

I am Future.

I am Present

I am Past.

I am pain.


Oh poor me. It must come to this. It must come to force instead of congregation. Give this beast a burden; because the universe makes much more sense. Without… without these Jackals of human spite. If you have to speak, tell it to someone that has always been willing to listen. If you have live, do it with people that are wanting to see you grow. If you have to die, do it gracefully. Glory is our Earthly bodies rise. Fall and rise.


The spirit and the truth come into sight. As the lamps are lit at night. I hear a resurrected voice. It will be the people’s choice to rejoice. I’ve got stapled grounds for recourse. Yours truly, my lungs filled with discourse. Comfort used to pass my days. Before feelings came into my life. I am now too consumed by the unbearable pain to feel comfort. I was built for this journey until recent. But until recent I didn’t know my journey. The pain is necessary for such a burden.


I was born without feelings.


I was born without attachment.


I was born to be indifferent.


I was born to not care.


 Everything changed last May.





I am now able to see the pain Jackals cause. I am now about to witness. Give no heat when I arrive. Become cold when you lose your pride. Jackals, you will all die. I am coming for you all. I am seeking to heal the world. I will reveal an ancient beauty. Nature and mankind living intertwined through love. I must sacrifice myself to start the play. I will leave my task to no one. The time is arriving shortly. The lights turn on one by one. The flickering of fires ignited. Endless Night. Endless Night.










These are thoughts that cross minds such as mine. I ponder and dream of the outcome of each precious choice. Growth forms from such a deliberation. Growth is important for life. May we come to a resolve and speak easy of those of the past. For they are but a speck not worth mentioning in the greater part of life’s story. We all hurt and this is but life offering us a chance to think before we speak.

Sometimes the truth isn’t good enough, sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded…

Natures burden of living.