Adrian Bliss is a fantastic director, photographer, Instagrammer and YouTuber from London, UK. Bliss has worked with well renowned YouTubers and Filmmakers such as Mr. Ben Brown, Caspar, Tom Rosenthal and The Great Big Story. Bliss started a magical series of vlogs notably entitled ‘Vlogs From the Future.‘ In this series, Bliss vlogs about life in the future when vlogging has taken over the world and the way one interacts and lives in this Neo-Life. Vlogs From the Future is absolutely hysterical, intelligent and riddled with jabs at fellow YouTubers.

Vlogvember is a new series of vlogs done by Bliss that showcase his humorous take on the essence of what vlogging is on YouTube. In these videos Bliss takes on a character that seems to be disconnected from modern communication. As if a primal anti-social person was told he has to vlog or be killed. Bliss does a splendid job at playing out this character and puts on a show to anyone that is trying for comedic timing. This kind of humor isn’t for everyone, but the series of videos is definitely something worth mentioning if you are an avid YouTuber.

Check out both Vlogs From the Future and Vlogvember and leave a like, comment and subscribe. Bye.