Budding Apart

I’m trying to go back to when things turned around, to the day that drove our whole plans next destination to the ground. It was all set up, the universe had shipped it to my door step with care ready with all the deets to prepare. But something came along and it shifted our course, the source from which our relationship would have flourished and nourished something so beautiful. Like taking care of plants. We’d water them everyday but I guess we got busy and the roots grew to surface and entangled amongst another purpose. Started to bloom else where, we didn’t share the same flower anymore our garden had taken a toll. I had thought your flowers looked beautiful and decided to let you care for your own and do they same with mine so they grew to be like yours. plantsSomething strange had occurred and I had notice my weeds and roots began to wrapped itself around my very own single rose. While you had tons of daisies and dandelions, I had my single deep red rose; it’s thorns and weeds swallowing it whole till one day, this day, I was left with its petals sunk into the ground. Wondering just how many days I left my roots unattended. How I had thrown out my instructions and guide to care. How my half of the garden had grown so apart from yours and how you bloomed so well your vines even grew on the wall. I let our course and our flowers detach and all I have left to watch over are my weeds and roots so weak and desperately reaching out towards the roots of your bushes like how we once had them entangled in the beginning. All when we had first opened our garden and we were just seeds, when we were first given our purpose, but your vines grew to be too strong and wouldn’t let my dead weeds back in. I’ve gone in everyday now since then. Twice to be technical, you would be proud to see my effort in trying to water what my rose used to be. Before I had let it fall far from the tree, just as eve did to adam. Before I had tasted the blood of a cut I had gotten from one of my own thorns on my delicate little rose. I hadn’t noticed it then but that blood had fallen and I didn’t get to clean the mess up. I was to focused watching your flowers bloom that I forget to care and look after mine, the blood had dropped on just enough petals, making us damned till the end. Sealing the sin, closing our book, and washing away our garden.