I first stepped off the plane at La Guardia and was instantly hit with a refreshing autumn breeze. I was finally in New York City; the big apple. Growing up in a small southern town I have always dreamt of experiencing the city life. Even though I have backpacked in Tokyo I still hadn’t walked the streets of NYC. I walked towards the luggage carousel and searched for my luggage. Headed out towards pick-up and grabbed a Taxi. I was finally headed out of Queens and into the heart of the city; Manhattan.

Looking out through the thin windows of my well traveled ride I began to see old buildings begging for repair. The further I traveled inwards I noticed the complexity of traffic all pushing against each other like agitated molecules. The honking of horns, the revving of engines and the humming tires hitting the road all blended into a normal bouquet of life. I entered into a tunnel; no passing just like the time. I emerged from the other side and was greeted by skyscrapers covered in a cast of shadows. It was only 4:30 p.m. but it seemed like dusk already.

Like the melancholy of an acoustic instrument the light shined down on select objects and unplanned life. Flowers were trying to mask the smells of the streets as they beautified the corners of converging streets. French and other non traditional restaurants battled one another as their signs fought for your attention. The driver turned off of FDR and onto Waterside Plaza; I had finally made it to my brief home. I spoke to the doorman and was buzzed in. The elevator bowed to me and I knighted my passaged way up to my instructed floor. One single knock and I was greeted with a cornucopia of smiles.


This is how my short trip felt like; a cornucopia of smiles.

Enjoy the photos.