The abundance of life is hidden in shades of green. I look for solitude but only find the sounds of rubber meeting the road. I’ve been searching all day for a source of inspiration. Traveling miles in each direction for hope. All I want is a cure; something to heal my broken soul. I should meditate, as does this neighboring metallic green dragonfly.

Nature seems to always know what to do. Humans used to be apart of this shared understanding. I’m not sure what happened to dislodge us off track. The sound of horns bring anger and misdirection into this once forest of solace.

Birds and insects strain their voices to counterbalance. Life was once quieter and more observable. Life was once full of controlled curiosity and thought. Life today is complicated, skewed and damaging to the world.

I want a simple life; I just want to find the cure.

I want to be free; able to think and act.

I want to love; friends, family and close ones.

I want to be happy; free from this solitude.