As I walk through this enchanted forest, I think about the one I want to love.

I think about how he needs help, guidance and support.

I think about how he has faults, guilt and comes short.

But he keeps dreaming.

He doesn’t give up.

Even through great depression.

Even by the words of naysayers.

He keeps dreaming for a better future.

He wants to provide for the people.




He wants to love the genuine.

He wants to love the blind.

Even by the hand of the fair.

He crumbles by the might.

So easily broken but so easily put back together.

He wants to be whole.

Free from the despair.

What If I can’t be the glue?

What If I can’t be the one to help?

I can’t lose my faith.

I believe in you.

We met under coincidence.

We met under circumstance.

We met for a reason.

I just hope he feels the same.

I hope he wrote ‘Sometimes’ about me.

I hope he opens up first.

I hope.