It’s May 12th and I’m traveling to Jacksonville’s airport to fly to Miami. If you can’t already tell by the title of this post, I’m traveling to Berlin, Germany. I arrive to Miami and meet up with a few other University of Florida students that happen to be on the same flight as me. I get on AirBerlin 7001 and prepare to sleep for the majority of the flight.

I click the movie section on the provided media display and select ‘A Rebel Without A Cause.’ I select Brian Eno on my iPhone and begin to clothe myself in a blanket of smooth musical tranquility. My eyes begin to close and I’m finally out. Six hours later I wake up to the 50 minute remainder signal given by a stewardess. I’m almost to Dusseldorf.

The plane descents to Dusseldorf and I stand up to stretch upon landing. I have officially arrived to Germany, my first time in Europe. I collect myself and my belongings and walked to the next gate with my fellow students. We wait the allotted hour and board our next flight to Tegal airport in Berlin. A quick flight and a nap later I arrive.

I gather my luggage and exchange some currency. I catch a taxi cab with a few other students and we make our way to Hotel Transit Loft – our hotel. We arrive hours early to find out that my professor, John Freeman, was running late due to a delayed flight.

Fortunately, my classmate Charlie and I were able to check into our room before the rest of the class. While in the room we unpack and manage to also fall asleep. The intended departure time for our first outing in the class was 4 p.m. We manage to wake up a 3:55 p.m. We try to make it down to meet with our professor and other students. Charlie makes it and I don’t.

I make it downstairs and the group is completely gone. I run around the corner and see Charlie waving in the distance. I catch up with him and we begin to run towards the general direction of where the group should be. They were gone.

We were left behind in Berlin on the first day with no clue how to get around. Fortunately we knew the name of where the group would meet up later on. So, we decide to catch a taxi and head that way. We made it to the Bernauer Wall Park Memorial/Tower and began taking photos while we tried to find the group.

After 45 minutes of searching we find the group. We try to blend in as if we weren’t late. Of course, our efforts ultimately fail. Professor Freeman casually acknowledges our arrival with a nod and a short greeting. We finish up at the memorial and head to a biergarten.

The long day was finally over.

An adventurous start to a journey in Berlin.

Day one was a success.

Day one will be a wonderful memory.